Leader in Algeria

Farimer has been one of the pioneers in the distribution of tableware products in Algeria for over 20 years. Today our products are widely available across the country.

Largest selection of brands

We distribute more than twenty brands in different areas of tableware, ranging from kitchen utensils, cutleries, decoration, etc. to satisfy the needs of all Algerian households.

150 Clients

We supply a large number of customers, whether they are wholesalers, specialized stores or supermarkets, in order to cover the entire Algerian territory.

About us ...

About us...

Farimer’s story begins in the 90s, when its founder and current manager, Sellali Abdelkader, decided to start selling tableware.


After Algeria opened up to international trade in the 90s, Sellali Abdelkader is aware of the opportunity this represents for the Algerian tableware market. He decided to launch Farimer, ....

Farimer in a few numbers

+20 Brands

+50 Employees

+150 Clients

+3000 References

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